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Seven World - SlotMachine game

1.71 usd

★☆ Once you purchase this app, no additional charge in this app. Totally unlimited~! ☆★★☆ Every $100,000,000 your level will be increased with bet unit up to maximum $1000~! ☆★
♣ Multilingual Support (Korean, English, Japanese)
♥ colorful graphic effects, armed with memories of the slot machine game!
◆ In the past, game room slot machine game who can now enjoy on a mobile device.
♠ 9 reels and 8-way bets and enjoy the classic slot machine game.
There are two mini-games for the Double Chance bet amount obtained.
★ mini-games - avoid bulletsEarn coins flying bullets flying through. Level goes up goes up, the amount of one coin. Acquire large amount of times while enjoying the game, so you avoid the bullets, the amount obtained a certain amount of consumption per game, the more money you can earn.
2 - High Low card game mini-game ★The 13 cards of the dealer and you will share a piece. Fit out your score card higher than the dealer's card is a card of the dealer's cards. The score card, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and J, Q, K, A sequence.
※. All-overs game automatically exits to the main menu screen. Preferences menu     To go at the bottom of the screen contains the "charge" button is pressed, unlimited free of charge.     $ 1000 will be free of charge every charge.
※. The end of the game if you touch "MENU" characters in the upper left corner of the game screen and menu will appear plates.     Press to exit from here.
※. If you have any questions, please email
To try your luck!